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Breakthrough in Managing Mood Disorders Using Fish Oils

In Zimbabwe today, you don’t have to lash out on expensive imported fish to increase your fish intake. Available through the Cheeseman and hence round the entire country, are Claremont Trout products and Lake Harvest Tilapia. In the past few years, the Cheeseman has advocated increasing fish intake for the many health benefits associated with the Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oils, including trout and tilapia. These benefits are already well known. The Omega 3 fatty acids help to protect us from heart disease, high blood pressure, and even cancer. They can also help with skin disorders such as psoriasis, and auto-immune diseases like arthritis.

More recent research indicates exciting benefits which you may not yet have heard about, giving us even better reason to eat much more fish. A number of very recent medical research studies have found that the Omega 3 fatty acids present a breakthrough in the treatment of mood disorders, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, and even dyslexia, in both children and adults.

In fact, scientists are beginning to conclude that a major reason for the high prevalence of depressive and other mood disorders in post industrial revolution world history, specifically in those countries where fish intake in the diet is low, is deficiency in these essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids are not manufactured in the body and hence must be derived from what we eat. Intake of Omega 3 fatty acids has drastically declined since the human diet changed in many countries after the industrial revolution. Instead, the diet is rich in various vegetable oils which go through a number of chemical processes in manufacturing that render them far less beneficial to our health.

The results of a number of scientific experiments on the effects of Omega 3 fatty acids in the treatment of such widespread mood disorders as bipolar II disorder, the occurrence of which is dramatically increasing even in children and may indeed be attributable to deficiencies in these acids in the diet, depressive illness, and attention deficit disorder including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, also on an exponential rise in today’s modern children, are unequivocal. Increasing their intake dramatically can both enhance the effects of drug treatment for these disorders and in some cases can even replace drug treatment. Since all drugs used to treat these illnesses carry many unpleasant side effects, and their long term effects remain unknown, this represents a ray of hope for sufferers and in the case of children, their parents. Stock up on Claremont Trout and Lake Harvest Tilapia, the healthiest of foods, and highly versatile in your kitchen. If you or members of your family suffer from such disorders, eat as much fish as you can. The results can be very dramatic! For further information on these research studies, look no further than the Internet where these exciting breakthroughs are hot news.

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