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Fresh Fruit Juice – An Easy Step To Healthy Living

How many times were you exhorted in your childhood to eat up your fruit after dinner, that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, that lots of oranges are good when you have a cold or flu, and helps prevent them too, that fruit is full of vitamins, especially vitamin C, or that you need to eat lots of fruit for its fibre content? How much of all the fuss about fresh fruit is true? It is in fact absolutely true – conventional wisdom handed down from generation to generation about fruit holds medical water in modern times, perhaps more than ever, in an age where so much of what we eat or drink has been so refined that little of its original goodness remains. You just can’t beat fresh fruit for a healthy lifestyle. We are lucky to live in Africa with such a vast variety of delicious fresh fruits in season, whether introduced centuries ago, found on indigenous trees and vines in rural homesteads or simply out in the magnificent Zimbabwean bush. Our ancestors made the most of these gifts of nature, and to this day, rural people turn to fruit to supplement their diet with sweet, juicy treats which are packed with goodness in the form of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fibre.

Ponder the hunter-gatherer lifestyle of mankind’s ancestors on this continent and elsewhere across the globe. Before agriculture revolutionised human existence, making our greater development possible, people wandered this beautiful and abundant planet, feasting on fruits, roots, stems, nuts and berries – ready to eat, totally wholesome, no processing required! Fruits, nuts and other vegetarian fare provided the vast proportion of what the early hunter-gatherers happily survived upon. Occasionally they would gorge upon a meat feast following a successfulhunting expedition but the food of survival and subsistence was fruit and vegetable based! As this century has progressed, many unpleasant diseases of modern man are occurring at ever-escalating rates, especially in highly industrialised nations, and so we return more and more to the ancient dietary wisdom of those ancestors. Cancers, asthma, attention deficit disorder, allergies, auto-immune illnesses, heart disease, high blood pressure, depression and other such modern epidemics, are unknown amongst the last remaining hunter-gatherer clans and tribes whose endangered lifestyles continue intact into the modern world. A rising wave of opinion in recent years recognises an unarguably strong connection between diets free of chemical additives, as little touched by human intervention as possible, and perfect health.

Fruit is the wonder food of nature, so help yourself to as much as you can. In this crazy modern lifestyle we all seem to lead, you may be so frantically busy that you just don’t have time to stop and peel or cut up your fruit. The answer is fresh squeezed fruit juice, a real luxury in itself, with no artificial additives, preservatives, colouring or flavourings of any sort, which contains real fruit pulp, is more filling and satisfying, and will not introduce into your body any foreign substances, as are found in chemical additives. No time to squeeze your own? Help yourself to locally made Blue Mountain Fruit Juice. With the exception of some local retail fruit and vegetable outlets which fresh squeeze and sell fruit juices on site, Blue Mountain is Zimbabwe’s only fresh squeezed and additive free juice produced on a commercial scale and distributed country-wide. Produced in the Bvumba, frozen for transport immediately upon squeezing, and shipped direct to supermarkets, it is made from locally grown fruit is in season – giving you the seasonal variations enjoyed by your ancestors! Because it is preservative free, you must refrigerate and drink within a few days, secure in the knowledge it remains in its natural state, complete with fruit cells and pulp. Blue Mountain juices contain only the natural goodness of fresh fruit, and a little pure cane sugar which extends the shelf life and enhances the flavour. You can always add some water if you prefer your juice on the tart side. Assess carefully, cartons and bottles of fruit juice and fruit cordial claiming to be 100% natural, or to be naturally sweetened with concentrated grape and other juices, then aseptically packed. Read the label very carefully, and think about what has been done to the original fruit in the process of putting it in that carton or bottle. How fresh and natural can it really claim to be? Blue Mountain offers a very healthy, wholesome alternative, all goodness intact!