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Kefalos Scoops SA Dairy Champs Awards for Third Consecutive Year!

Loved by locals, Kefalos quality dairy products have once again won awards in South Africa! For the third year in a row, Kefalos has scooped prizes in the South African Dairy Championships, in which it competes with all the top SA brands.

Kefalos has well proved that Zimbabwe is capable of creating products more than up to international standards in both 2013 and 2014 when it scooped several prestigious awards in this event. In both 2013 and 2014, delicious, smooth, creamy Kefalos Greek Style Yoghurt, won First Prize in the Full Cream Yoghurt Category, while Kefalos also scooped First Prize in the Dairy Ice Cream with Condiments Category both years. In 2013 Kefalos won this accolade for its Premium Hazelnut Ice Cream, while last year, this award was for their scrumptious Crème Caramel Ice Cream. In addition, Kefalos Mozzarella Cheese won Third Prize in its category in 2013. This excellent cheese with the correct stretching and melting qualities sought by the judges, is very widely used in Zimbabwe’s vibrant pizza trade.

This year’s results are now out, and it comes as no surprise that Kefalos has scooped two more prizes for 2015! Kefalos Semi Soft Gouda Spiced with Caraway Seeds won First Prize in the Soft and Semi-Soft Cheese with Condiments Category, while in the Full Cream Yoghurt with Condiments Category, Kefalos Probiotic Strawberry Fruit Yoghurt won Second Prize.

These are excellent achievements by this proudly Zimbabwean organisation, which constantly strives for perfection and innovation, and once again demonstrate that ‘Quality doesn’t have to be Imported’! It is great to see such excellent products, eaten and enjoyed by so many Zimbabweans, achieving such recognition beyond our borders, and while competing with top South African brands.

Kefalos started its life as a small cheese-making company. Demand for its range of popular high quality cheeses led to rapid growth, and a yoghurt production line followed. Today Kefalos produces a very wide range of popular, delicious, health-enhancing flavoured yoghurts in several sizes. Kefalos next expanded into Ice Cream production and offers a wide range of delicious ice cream flavours in several useful carton sizes.

Kefalos launched its sophisticated Premium Ice Cream Range in 2012 to wide acclaim. It quickly attracted a following from those with discerning palates and a taste for luxury. As well as the award-winning Hazelnut flavour, the premium range offers Vanilla Bean and Belgian Chocolate. The Kefalos popular range of ice cream flavours, and the Premium Range, enjoy great popularity and are widely served in restaurants nationwide as well as in the home.

A proudly Zimbabwean company, Kefalos has been producing a wide range of top quality dairy products for over two decades, and has become a well-loved household name for its popular ice creams, yoghurts and cheeses. Proudly distributed nationwide by The Cheeseman, Kefalos dairy products enjoy a large and loyal base of Zimbabwean consumers who are delighted to be able to buy locally made world class dairy products throughout the country. Kefalos dairy products are celebrated by locals and visitors to our country alike, many of whom declare that they are superior to those that can be bought outside our borders! With its sophisticated packaging which meets international standards, its high quality range of dairy foods and its international recognition via prizes in the prestigious SA Dairy Championships three years in a row, there is no stopping Kefalos!

The Cheeseman is very proud to distribute these great products all over the country.

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