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Kefalos, Zim Dairy Support

Take a Taste Tour With Our Locally Produced Dairy Treats

Local, traditional dairy producers, Kefalos produce a high quality range of cheeses, yoghurts, ice creams and a number of other dairy products. They are passionate about their brand, offering consistently high quality, world-class goods to the local market.

As nationwide distributors of the high quality Kefalos range, The Cheeseman is proud to support this wholly Zimbabwean company who constantly raise the standards of dairy production in the country.

The Kefalos range of quality dairy delights are tasty on their own, from creamy milk, nutritious yoghurts, fresh cream and ice creams to flavour filled cheeses. As ingredients in many dishes inspired by world travel, take a look at recipes at and enjoy the best, fresh local ingredients with an international flavour.

For a unique taste to Zimbabwe, and indeed the African continent, kick-start your day with smooth, fresh Kefalos Pure Aloe Vera Yoghurt. Plain, Green Tea or Orange compliment the range, ideal on their own or with fruit and muesli. They also offer delicious fruity flavours such as Strawberry, Granadilla, Peach, Tropical and more. They are perfect for making fruity smoothies with a selection of fresh fruit mixed in a blender.

Kefalos also offer a range of ice creams with exciting flavours to choose from. Try the creamy Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry or treat yourself further and taste the gourmet Belgian Chocolate, Hazelnut and Vanilla Bean flavours.

In this chilly winter weather, why not create warm Mediterranean flavours with Feta, Halloumi and Mozzarella all freshly made in Zimbabwe and perfect for pizza, pasta or mezze plates. Combine cool Greek Yoghurt and cucumbers to create a tangy Greek tzatziki dip that is great served with grilled meats and vegetables or sprinkle some salty feta over a fresh green salad with Calamata olives and you could be in Greece. Try a warming bowl of Italian pasta with a creamy or cheese filled sauce or add a sprinkle of Cheddar to a meaty bowl of chilli for a Mexican twist. The Kefalos Kefalotiri is superb when grated over hot soups for that added extra flavour.

Kefalos’ cheese production is unparalleled – both in terms of variety and quality. There are eight different types of cheeses to cater for every preference, age and occasion.

The Cheeseman is one of Zimbabwe’s leading distributors of dairy products, with over 20 year’s experience in supplying quality products throughout the country. The company takes pride in their large, modern cold rooms and back-up power to ensure the integrity of the cold chain, and large fleet of trucks and swift delivery to ensure that their customers enjoy the freshness of their local products.

Try the fresh taste of Zimbabwe’s finest, locally produced dairy range today – all you need is a little imagination and inspiration from The Cheeseman and Kefalos to create a taste of the world at home. Try it yourself with one of these fantastic and winter warming recipes from The Cheeseman website.

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