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Natural Foods Spell Good Health Says Cheeseman

We are constantly bombarded with information about what to eat and not to eat. It can become very confusing. In fact, our health in this crazy, stressful modern world is a cause for major concern for us all and so we read whatever we can lay our hands on. Yet opinions seem to change constantly, adding to our confusion. A good example is hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Widely touted as the saviour of post menopausal women not five years ago, HRT is now rapidly getting the name of the big baddie. The world’s major magazines and newspapers are today filled with the latest doom about HRT. Far from protecting women’s health, it has been found to damage it and even to cause cancers. Sales of HRT are dropping massively, particularly in the USA where every second woman of a certain age popped these pills in all innocence.

What of the so-called cholesterol scare, however? For some reason, altered thinking on this has not been so well-publicised. Perhaps it has something to do with huge food manufacturing companies having a vested interest in ensuring that people continue to avoid the presumed dangerous animal fats and stick to those that have had plenty of interference by human hand, to the profit of their makers. Perhaps it is simply that it takes a very long time to quash a scare that was so heavily hammered round the globe by the medical fraternity that over thirty years down the line, the myth continues, that all animal fats are bad for your heart and your health. The Cheeseman, distributor of several well-known local brands of natural foods including cheeses, is making every effort to educate the public about myths, facts and opinions on healthy eating.

The modern diet is full of both deficiencies and excesses, and is a far cry from what our ancestors ate and thrived on – though their life spans were shorter, lacking the wonders of modern medicine, and facing such dangers as marauding rival clans, sabre toothed tigers, woolly mammoths and other hazards! One thing seems more and more certain, however. The more a foodstuff has been tampered with by modern processing methods, added to with chemical preservatives, colours, flavours, the more its natural structures are altered in the factory and the laboratory, the more suspicious we need to be of its effect on our health. Indeed the epidemic nature of many modern illnesses such as clinical depression, attention deficit disorder in children, various mood disorders and auto-immune illnesses, are more and more being linked by research scientists to our diets – deficiencies caused by changes in recent times in what we eat and what has been done to it first – the over-refinement of food, removing much of its natural goodness, the changes in molecular structure that modern processing techniques bring about, and the addition of so many chemicals whose short and long term effects are harmful. Hyperactive children often get better when taken off refined foods, especially sugar, and all chemical additives, and put onto healthy natural diets with plenty of essential fatty acids such as found in fish and flax seed oil.

What can we conclude about animal fats and the cholesterol scare which has held us captive for over thirty years in spite of so much evidence to the contrary? Sure, we don’t want to stuff ourselves with huge quantities of steak, cheese, butter and eggs every day. But neither should we see these foods as the baddies! A look at twentieth century medical history in Europe illustrates that it is when people abandoned good old fashioned cheese, butter, eggs, and unprocessed foods generally, in favour of modern hydrogenated vegetable fats and foods rich in additives, that their health started going downhill. In addition, stressful lifestyles are now viewed as having much to do with the epidemic levels of heart disease and many other stress related illnesses.

So too is lack of exercise. You can’t beat the value of a regular, brisk walk every day to enhance your health, keeping your weight and blood pressure down and lifting your spirits! In fact regular aerobic exercise has recently been proved in a scientific research study to be at better than a well-known anti-depressant drug, in the treatment of depression. There is also heredity, which you can’t necessarily control but can be aware of. Heart disease may run in your family and then you need to take special precautions.

We can learn much from all this. Everything in moderation, yes, but you also need to think before you eat, how much your food has been tampered with by human intervention in its preparation or manufacture. Do not avoid cheese and butter! They are very healthy options, as long as you don’t gorge. You are unlikely to do so in any case since they are very filling. Enjoy them, in the knowledge that all the goodness of the milk they are made from remains, in its original form, and they do not contain any chemicals. The Cheeseman specialises in healthy natural foods of many kinds, from a wide range of delicious cheeses, to natural Blue Mountain fruit juices, Claremont Trout, Lake Harvest Tilapia, and many others. These foods contain no chemicals and are simply full of nature’s promise of good health.

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