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Natural Unprocessed Foods Make Sense For Health

Enjoy that hunk of Kefalos cheese, and don’t feel guilty! More and more evidence is gathering that the less what we eat is tampered with, the better it is for our health, containing only those constituents which our bodies recognise and can process with ease. Elsewhere in the world, this has become a major issue amongst vigilant consumers who have grown rightly suspicious of the quantities of chemicals added to mass-produced foods to keep them on the shelves longer and make them taste “better”. Many new allergies have sprung up, particularly amongst children. Suspicion has grown that as a result of the quantities of pesticides sprayed on foods, as well as hormones and antibiotics routinely given to animals which are later eaten, people are literally getting poisoned by the food they buy from their supermarket shelves. Here in Zimbabwe we are luckier, since most of our foods are not tampered with to nearly the same extent, if at all in many cases.

There are many indications that processed foods are damaging to our health, while natural unprocessed foods, including meat, eggs and dairy products, are beneficial to us. For example, before the First World War, cheese, butter and eggs were very widely eaten as staple foods in Europe, without restriction or concern, and an important source of protein. Yet death from heart disease was a fraction of what it is today, in a world where so much of what we eat is processed in some way. Much of our modern diet is tampered with in the most unnatural ways, often stripping foods of their original structure altogether, as well as removing much of what is good in them, such as the roughage, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Interestingly, many traditional tribes who have retained their original lifestyle and diet, consume very high quantities of animal fats, but have very low levels of heart disease. The difference between their lifestyles and diets and ours, is that all their food is natural, whole and unprocessed (this of course includes plenty of meat and dairy foods); they are very physically active; and by comparison with modern life, they are free of the sorts of day to day mental stress we all call ”normal”. Easy examples are work deadlines, traffic jams and queues!

So eat delicious cheese and enjoy! And don’t forget to include in your healthy natural diet, locally made Kefalos and Clavelshay dairy products. These reach the supermarket shelf within three days or less of being made, and contain no artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives. Natural annatto colouring which comes from a plant is used, and the only preservative is natural salt.

Claremont Trout and Lake Harvest Tilapia products are completely natural and also reach the table within days of being frozen. The many health benefits of eating fish are well-known. When shopping for food, read ingredient lists carefully, and choose wisely. Our ancestors ate only natural whole foods, straight from the plant or animal. Our bodies were not designed to process such highly processed and refined foods as we routinely ingest these days. A string of chemical ingredients does not augur well for your health! The Cheeseman distributes the full range of Kefalos and Clavelshay cheeses and dairy products, Claremont Trout products, Lake Harvest tilapia, Blue Mountain natural fruit juices, and a host of other natural wholesome foods, both local and imported.

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