Meze Platter

Antipasto or Meze plates are simply colourful offerings of marinated vegetables— roasted red peppers or pickled garlic – salty olives, rustic artisan breads, natural deli meats, small bites of seafood delicacies cheeses.

With antipasto, it’s always best to keep things simple. Narrow your choices down to two or three items, then incorporate a few fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables and you’re set. Try these simple ideas on for size:


  1. Marinated artichoke hearts served with crackers and Camembert cheese
  2. Sliced tomatoes marinated in Italian dressing, served with slices of cheddar cheese and green olives
  3. Thinly sliced salami and Parmesean Cheese served with crusty bread
  4. Prosciutto with chunks of fresh cantaloupe and a bowl of mixed roasted nuts
  5. Roasted red and yellow peppers,
  6. Hummus and pita bread
  7. Olives, capers, pickles
  8. Pepperoni and gouda
  9. Garlic bread served with tomato relish and cold shrimp
  10. Grilled deli vegetables with mozzarella
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