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Sustainable Fishing with The Cheeseman

Seafood is a popular choice for anyone supporting a balanced and healthy diet. But, did you know that according to the UN, nearly 80% of the world’s fish stocks are either fully exploited or depleted?


Here at The Cheeseman, we take sustainability seriously. We strongly believe that taking care of the welfare of our fish is what ensures the quality of the fish we sell.

Sustainable seafood is about more than just how fish are caught or how many, it’s also about how seafood is traded. The seafood you buy has both environmental and social impacts at a global and local level. We understand that both suppliers and retailers of seafood can have a positive influence by changing the way we buy seafood.

We’re extremely proud to only sell fish that’s responsibly caught; The Cheeseman seafood suppliers are signatories to the Sustainable Fishing Initiative. They’re extremely diligent and stop fishing entirely during the Hake breeding seasons of September – October, and maintain strict regulations in terms of:

  • Depth of trawling nets
  • Size of the mesh on the nets
  • Quotas

And other controlled requirements and regulations.


We’re committed to continuing our work on sustainability and supporting fishing practices that minimise waste and avoid the capture of immature and undersize fish, ensuring not only better quality fish, but also secure fish stocks for future generations.

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