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Tips For Cooking With Cheese

Great Irish cheese can make almost any dish transcendental and learning how to cook with it is as important as the recipes themselves. You can find several amazing dishes that use our all-natural grass-fed cheeses in the Kerrygold recipe section and you can learn some useful cooking tips from the experts below.

  • Keep cheese from becoming tough and stringy by cooking it at low temperatures.
  • To preserve the delicate flavours, add the cheese at the end of the cooking time as late as possible.
  • Natural Cheese melts better if you shred it or cut it into small pieces. However, once your cheese is grated it will begin to lose its flavour.
  • Try grating your cheese while it’s cold to make the task easier.
  • The longer Cheddar is aged, the more crumbly it becomes and the better it is for cooking.
  • Be careful when adding an acid like vinegar to a cheese dish – it may cause cheese to separate.
  • One cup grated, shredded or cubed Kerrygold Irish Cheese equals 4 ounces.


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